Water supply

Water supply

UAB "Telšių vandenys" operates 36 watering-places, 64 artesian wells and 19 water towers. Drinking water is supplied by means of 317.2 km long network.

Telšiai city is provided with drinking water from Siraičiai and Kungiai watering-places. Siraičiai watering-place started operating in 1964. Currently 8 out of 10 artesian wells are operated. Permian-Devonian quifer lies at the depth of 217-218 m and the designed capacity of the watering-place is 8,600 m3 per day. In 2011, 1,020 m3/day of water were extracted from this watering-place.

Due to industrial growth in Telšiai and the increased water demand, operation of Kungiai watering-place started in 1987. Here, water is obtained from the Quaternary aquifer which is located at the depth of 50-60 m. The capacity of the watering-place is 10,000 m3 per day. Currently 4 out of 9 artesian wells are operated. In 2011, about 3,200 m3/day of water was extracted here.

Water quality

Although groundwater is protected from external contamination, due to more intense human activities, continuous monitoring of drinking water is required. The company constantly monitors the quality of drinking water at the certified drinking water laboratory, the activities and testing of which comply with the requirements of an international standard BS EN ISO/IEC 17025. Chemical, physical and microbiological indicators of water quality in the supplied drinking water are tested in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Hygiene Norm HN 24:2003.

In 1984, a water treatment station with 8 iron removal plants was built in Telšiai; the capacity of the station is 20,000 m3 per day. Deironing facilities were built in Vembutai village in 2004, Viekšnaliai, Pavandenė, Baltininkai and Lauko Soda villages – 2005, Lieplaukė village – 2006, Mitkaičiai and Kirkliai villages – 2007, Gaulėnai and Buožėnai – 2008, Janapolė village – 2009, Nerimdaičiai and Žarėnai – 2010, Luokė town and Eigirdžiai village – 2011.

In 2001, new water disinfection system that uses sodium hypochlorite was installed in order to ensure the appropriate water quality. This solution does not present any hazard to the environment and human health.

Water prepared for using is stored in two tanks of 2,000 m3, from which it is pumped to the distribution network.

Water quality indicators

Water obtained from the wells
Water supplied to consumers
Threshold value for the indicator
(HN 24: 2003)
General mineralization mg/l 501 501 -
mg/l Pt 8 1,96 30
Turbidity FTU 13 0,00 4
Conductivity μS/cm 580-604 510 2500
7.51-7.65 7,58 6,5-9,5
Total hardness mg-ekv/l 5,6 5,6 -
Cl- mg/l 9.5 9.5 250
NO2- mg/l 0,00 0,00 0,5
NO3- mg/l 2.4 2.4 50
Na+ mg/l 20 20 200
Mn μg/l 88 7 50
Ca2+ mg/l 65 65 -
Mg+ mg/l 23 23 -
NH4+ mg/l 1,27 0,01 0,5
Fe, overall mg/l 2,1 0,02 0,2
Fluoride mg/l 0,46 0,44 1,5